Crush The Castle

Crush The Castle is a very interesting flash game where you have conquer new territories with the help of trebuchet. The most interesting thing about the game is that here everything is based on basic physics, you have to think about the traectoria of the shot before you make one.  All actions in this game are made using mouse, I mean setting the angle of attack and shooting. The mission of the player is to crush down the castle.

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Crush The Castle 2

Crush the Castle 2 the most popular strategy continuation of the previous version with new graphics new missions and new levels.Producers tried wonderfully well and improve design and structure  of game extreamly well.With the game Crush the Castle 2 you appear in an era of medieval wars. Your task is to shoot from a catapult on locks and an enemies. Construction of this game is very similar to the popular game Angry Birds.

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Crush The Castle 3

The legendary Castle Crushing flash game is back with even more interesting levels and better graphics. The mission of the player is still the same – in Crush The Castle 3 you have to use the trebuchet to storm the castle of your enemies and destroy them all. The mission is to kill the people and ruin the castle. The graphics and gameplay seem to be improved, so take time and play it. Continue reading